Infants (6 weeks to 1 year)

Bethany Daycare works hard to provide a safe place for your baby while they are away from home. Our goal is to provide a program that supports your infants growth, social skills, mobility and intellect. Being always aware that the transitions from home to daycare are big steps and we are here to help you make them as easy as possible.

Singing, reading and talking to your infant are just some of the ways your infants teacher will promote healthy brain development. Our infant nursery has scheduled activities through out the day. These activities include play time, nap time, tummy time and many other activities. Singing, reading and personal interaction are a constant in our nursery. We recognize that every child is different and our nurturing teachers create an individual schedule for each of our infants. We are working to build strong bodies and brains, encourage first sounds and words as well as creating new friendships.

Your child will learn developmentally age appropriate skills at Bethany Daycare which will include:


*engagement with others through cooing, babbling, laughing and facial expression

*imitating teachers speech patterns

*listening to stories, music and songs

*interaction with books, puppets and soft toys


*rolling from side to side, lifting head and crawling

*standing and walking with teacher support

*moving to music and dancing


*being responsive and sensitive to teacher/child interactions

*exploring self through arts and play


*exploring their environment through their five senses

*engaging in activities that incorporate shapes, sizes and different textures

*beginning experiences with cause and effect